June06 MESSIAH FORCE, PONCE PILATE and H AND H Albums To Be Reissued By No Remorse Records

PONCE PILATE “Les Enfants Du Cimetiere” – CD album out on June 16, 2017

No Remorse Records did it again. Not only they brought back an obscure classic from the French underground, but also packed the album with bonus material, and coupled with a great booklet. “Les Enfants Du Cimetiere” was originally released in 1985 in small quantity, so no wonder it’s now one of the rarest French releases when it comes to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The album originally included 10 tracks – the limited No Remorse Records version, which is the first ever official CD reissue, has been remastered by Bart Gabriel (SORTILEGE, CIRITH UNGOL, QUARTZ), includes 3 bonus tracks, taken from band’s demo tape from 1981. Here’s your chance to enjoy this obscure Hard Rock / Prog Rock / Heavy Metal masterpiece.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/noremorserecords/ponce-pilate-la-vierge-de-fer-official

H AND H “L’etendard – Anthology” – limited edition CD album out on June 16, 2017

Another release in No Remorse Records’ series of French Classic Metal reissues. H AND H released only one 7″ single, entitled “L’Etendard / Echec Au Roi”,  in 1986. Now, these two tracks open the anthology, that includes all H AND H recordings. Except mentioned two tracks from the debut single, the limited edition CD includes 11 demo recordings, remastered and partially restored by Bart Gabriel (SORTILEGE, SATAN’S HOST, MYTHRA).

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/noremorserecords/h-and-h-letendard-official

MESSIAH FORCE “The Last Day” – DCD out on June 16, 2017

EXCITER, ANVIL or RAZOR are the icons of Canadian Metal, no doubt about it. But those who love Classic ’80s Metal and dare to dig deeper, probably already know about MESSIAH FORCE, as their only one LP from 1987, “The Last Day”, is probably one of the best Canadian Heavy Metal albums ever made.

As 2017 marks 30th anniversary of this legendary release, No Remorse Records prepared special anthology edition on a double CD. First disc includes the original ’87 album, and the second disc includes 10 additional tracks: 7 taken from the “Messiah Force” demo from 1987, and 3 taken from the “No Hideaway” demo from 1991. Except that, No Remorse Records will release special limited edition box set, that will include mentioned double CD, as well as the original vinyl and tape (!) versions of the album (yes, the original pressing from 1987), signed photo, t-shirt, and a special issue of the Snakepit magazine, dedicated to MESSIAH FORCE only. Fans of classic CHASTAIN albums, SAVAGE GRACE and AGENT STEEL – red alert!