June02 ALCATRAZ HARD ROCK & METAL FESTIVAL 2017: New Names Added !

Of course you will be surprised to see that we’re just adding GHOST as a headliner, and this on Friday August 11th. The line-up for Friday was finished and we would still add a band over Saxon on Saturday at our Prison Stage? Twice correct! However, Alcatraz would not be Alcatraz if we, contrary to the rules, just will do our own things. And certainly this time because we have something to celebrate. We do not want to pass our tenth edition unnoticed and are working hard behind the scenes for some novelties, but especially to build our best line-up until now that will lead to an unforgettable event. That’s why we decided to open our Prison Stage on Friday as well. Now we can offer you all a full Friday with eight bands, four in the tent and four on the main stage. And closing the main stage will be done by an imaginary band. That is why we will add Ghost to the list of great bands already on the program. A performance of Ghost is not just a performance, it is rather a satanic ritual in which the devil pope leads the diabolical dance, with help of the Nameless Ghouls who musically support the sacred worship. As far as we are concerned, a musical and visual spectacle not to be missed!

With the other bands we announce today there had to be another Belgian band for us. A band from the Courtrai area, if possible. And then we cannot ignore DYSCORDIA. In the press they are always called one of our best kept secrets but gradually the fans are increasing. Dyscordia stands for highly skilled progressive power metal. The band played already on Graspop and Summer Breeze and has experience with big stages. The six gentlemen are honored to consecrate our Prison stage on Friday, under the professional eye of Officer Nice ….

The addition of Ghost & Dyscordia and opening of the main stage on Friday changes nothing to the ticket price, even not for a day ticket on Friday.

We’re also pleased to announce that our NWOBHM heroes SAXON will close the Prison Stage on Saturday and it will be a big heavy metal party!

So we still have two more bands to announce on Saturday and we are proud to communicate this news today. We stay on the British Isles, so in the late seventies, early eighties. NWOBHM celebrates and one of the bands in the NWOBHM and punk scene is the legendary VENOM. The name still explodes in 2017, especially because this British band from Newcastle released a series of albums in the early 1980s  – ‘Welcome To Hell’ (1981), ‘Black Metal’ (1982) and ‘At War With Satan’ (1984) – which changed the former metal scene. Their latest album ‘From The Very Depths’ (2015) scored justly in the top 20 in Rock Tribune’s final year list. For sure they will play some songs from their latest as well as some classics like ‘Warhead’, ‘Witching Hour’, ‘Welcome To Hell’, ‘The Evil One’, ‘Black Metal’ and ‘ Bloodlust’.

To complete the NWOBHM-trinity on Saturday, we will also program SWEET SAVAGE on the main stage. Perhaps not the biggest name, but one of the few bands that can say they were conquered on Metallica’s first-ever demo (Ron McGovney’s ’82 Garage Demo). This Northern Irish band was founded in 1979, noted with some strong singles, guitarist Vivian Campbell went to Dio, and was dissolved before a first real album had appeared. Metallica picked up the song ‘Killing Time’ again in 1991, when the cover was B side of The Unforgiven single, and later recorded the song on the CD ‘Garage Inc.’ (1997). Alcatraz loves thrash and let’s say Sweet Savage, with their proto-thrash, is one of the pioneers of the genre. We could not think of a better match ….